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Meet Our World Changers (Alumni)

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Check Out Our Fruit - Where Are They Now?

We are excited to begin a new series called – Check Out Our Fruit, inspired by the scripture Matthew 7:16-20, “Ye shall know them by their fruits.” ​


This column will bring you up-to-date on where Sophia Learning Center students, who have completed our program, are today, and how they are progressing.

Meet Lawrence

Sophia Learning Center's First Student!

Lawrence was three years old when he came to Sophia Learning Center. His family, The Stokes-Tuckers, were the first family to trust us with their baby. For two summers, Ms. Brown and Mom Mrs. Brown hosted a summer camp teaching Lawrence beginning reading and math skills and
firming up the foundation that his parents placed in him about Jesus Christ.

Today, Lawrence is 10 years old and is in the 5th grade. According to his mother, “when he started Kindergarten the teacher was very impressed as Lawrence was one of the students able to do both [basic reading and writing skills] very well. He has just continued to excel in school each year and continues to come back to SLC during summer breaks for camp. As parents, we truly love how Sophia Learning Center keeps God frst in teaching
our son true praise and worship and understanding biblical values. Lawrence continues to grow spiritually with the Lord as we keep God first in our home as well. Lawrence is a fun, loving child who enjoys playing video games but also enjoys the moments he gets to come back to SLC and spend time with the other children,” said Lawrence's mother (Mrs. Melvina Stokes-Tucker).


Thank you, Lord, for the growth! We know God has great plans for Lawrence.

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